Film Fund

The Sleigh Group Film Fund curates, develops and produces independent film content directly to your favourite streaming services, cinema screens and tv networks.

We provide a pathway for fresh voices and diverse talent to see their visions reach screen, and provide audiences with compelling, original content from around the world – all in your local language.

For investors, we provide a diverse portfolio of film investments with a lower risk profile, a strong return on investment, tax incentives and a commitment that the projects we greenlight are those with a buyer or a distributor waiting for them at the other end.

Bringing Stories To Life

For film especially, there is a very expensive gap between having an idea and having the resources and connections to get it on screen. For many, this means being a content creator in their spare time. For most of us, it means increasingly seeing a homogenisation of content filling our doomscrolls as we search for ‘something interesting’.

Increasingly, we’re turning to international media, breaking past the one inch barrier, or finding dubbed versions of shows we connect with. With our history in localisation and international media, we know how to make content shine across cultural borders, and are always on the look out to provide these to our distribution and media platform partners.

Why now?

Australian film is booming, with many international productions taking advantage of our status as a COVID safe country, our talent, and our wide ranging geography to tell their stories. We aim to continue to foster Australian talent in telling our own stories as well as forming partnerships with international creatives to bring new and exciting viewpoints to screens all around the world.

How we work

The Sleigh Group Film Fund approaches our international distribution partners and buyers directly, talking to them at all stages of development.

We greenlight the shows with a buyer or distributor interested in them during or after development.

Our self funded business model removes funding delays and ensures our shows are delivered on time and without compromising on quality.


Films in USD $5-20 Million Budget range break even or make money 85% of the time on theatrical releases alone

Return On Investment For $5-20M Productions Only (2010-2020)

Return On Investment by Budget of Movie (2010-2020)

Based on box office data from

Our portfolio approach increases returns and mitigates against individual project risk